Yes you can! 

With articles, we provide two options for outside sharing. The first is "Share Via URL," which allows you to copy the hyperlink which takes someone directly to the Best Real Estate Blog (BREB) version of the article with your branding. You can paste this link in emails, newsletters, and anywhere else you wish. 

If you want to embed the article directly, you can use the "Get HTML" option to grab the HTML code you need and post the article to your own website or newsletter. 

With Image Memes, you will want to download them, and then upload them directly.

Video Memes can also be downloaded. To embed them into a personal site or newsletter, you'll want to create your own Youtube or Vimeo account, set it up so no one can steal the video (helps protect our members' exclusivity), and then upload the video to your personal channel. From there you can copy the embed code and place it into your website or newsletter. You can learn more about this through Youtube or Vimeo tutorials online.