Until recently,  the majority of our audience has been female. As a result, we opted to have the primary Image Meme preview set to female. However, when you click on an Image Meme, many of them will have tabs at the top of the previews to choose male or team versions if available. We are currently working hard to create these options for the majority (if not all) of our Image Memes. 

You can either directly go to the memes that have male or team versions by checking out the Male Meme or Team Meme categories (Tags) in the Image Memes section of your membership. Simply go to the Meme Tag Search, click the red "More" icon above the memes, scroll all of the way down and select "Male Memes," or "Team Memes." Though the preview images may show a female or solo agent version, once you open the Image Meme preview, you can click the tab at the top for the version you prefer.