If you want to make it more appealing for a member of your email audience to view an article you share using "Share via URL," there are two suggestions for doing so.

First off, you can present the article link and the option to view the article in a creative and fun way with your wording.

The second is you can use the feature image for the article and hyperlink it in your email so someone reading your email can go to the article by clicking the image. If this is what you prefer, do the following:

Go to the article selection page and find the feature image for the article you want. 

Then, right click (Windows based machine) the image, or hold CTRL and click the image if using an Apple based machine, and select to view the image in a new tab. 

Once the image is opened in it's own tab on your web browser, open the menu for the image as before and save the image to your hard drive. 

Go to the article itself and use the "Share via URL" option to get the appropriate link for your article.

Insert the image into the body of your email, and then connect the hyperlink to the image. To learn how to do this, google "how to hyperlink an image in an email using [email service here]".